• Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 hosts 32 national teams in total. For this reason, NFTs of teams from 32 countries in total will be available for minting on the platform.

    • Each team has 2000 total NFT supplies.

  • The starting price of each team's NFT is 10 MATIC.

    • NFT prices will increase dynamically at each stage. This pricing will be determined by calculating the common risk factor of the teams that advance to the next round(s).

  • Each unique wallet is allowed to mint only 10 NFTs per team.

    • NFTs purchased from secondary marketplaces are not included in the rule mentioned above.

  • The minting period starts as soon as the platform goes live, and it stays live until the final match.

  • When the minting period ends, the prize redeeming period starts. The prize redeeming period stays live until all rewards are distributed to the NFT owners.

Make sure to check out "Schedule" for details about the dates of the minting and prize redeeming periods.

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